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Does Lemon with Honey in water help in reducing weight

2019-08-19 Anupreksha RastogiMyths

Lemon, lukewarm Water with Honey unsplash-logoGaelle Marcel

Many people believe that drinking lemon water with a dash of honey early in the morning can help lose weight. Let us check out some interesting facts about them. In our opinion, it’s the warm water and to some extent, lemon, which is doing the trick.

Honey, though it does have some vitamins and minerals, it is the quality of honey, which is an essential factor and don’t forget honey adds up to calories.

Water keeps us hydrated well as helps to keep up the metabolism.

Lemon helps to improve\stimulate digestion process and aids in detoxification of the body.

So, by taking lukewarm lemon water, one may be able to give a slight kickstart to the weight loss process. BUT it’s essential to understand that there is no magic wand again for weight loss. Even if you take lukewarm lemon water in the morning, it alone cannot lead to weight loss. To have a sustained weight loss one needs persistent efforts in the diet as well as physical activity. Moreover, customization is an important aspect which should not be ignored at all. That’s the harsh truth.